Elementary Education Division


Revelation Christian Academy (RCA) utilizes various publishers for the curriculum utilized across grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. 
Purposeful Design is used in grades kindergarten through fifth grade for the subjects of mathematics and science. 
Core Knowledge for Language Arts is implemented in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. 
All students receive Bible instruction on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays.  On Wednesday of each week, students come together to participate in a schoolwide morning assembly. The curriculum used for Bible instruction is also published by Purposeful Design. 


RCA utilizes the IOWA Basic Skills Test to students in grades 2nd-5th grade to measure foundational as well as higher-order thinking skills.  The students’ results are compared nationally and locally to their peers.   The Otis Lennon School Ability Test (OLSAT) is administered to students in grades 2nd-5th grade. The OLSAT measures verbal, nonverbal, and quantitative cognitive abilities. The results from these assessments are used to monitor and drive instruction. 
Students in all grades, kindergarten through fifth grade completes the STAR Assessment in the Fall, Winter, and Spring of each year.  The STAR assessment is used to assess the growth of a student's’ instructional reading level. The results from this assessment are used to track and monitor the student’s independent reading capability.