At Revelation Christian Academy (RCA), we strive to make sure our students are inspired with a biblically integrated curriculum that will equip them to excel spiritually, physically and academically.  We also challenge them to build Godly character that will cultivate a Christ-centered worldview. 

Unfortunately, this cannot only happen with tuition alone.  It takes various  types of donations to ensure that we are carrying out our mission. Below you will find several different ways on how you can support RCA.


Donations can be made by mailing in a contribution.  Please make checks payable to Revelation Christian Academy.  If you would like for your check to go towards a specific area (technology, curriculum, sports, music, art, etc.), please notate your area of choice on the memo line. 

Tax Credit Donations

The Alabama Accountability Act (AAA) allows individuals and/or corporations to redirect a portion of their Alabama state tax liability to a scholarship granting organization.  Revelation Christian Academy has a relationship with Scholarships for Kids. 

Visit here to learn more about Scholarships for Kids and how you can assist with a child being awarded a scholarship.  The scholarships allow students that are zoned for low performing public schools to receive a scholarship to attend a private school.