Mission: The mission of the Revelation Christian School is to inspire our children with a biblically integrated curriculum that will equip them to excel spiritually, physically, and academically. Also, to challenge them to build Godly character that will cultivate a Christ-centered worldview.
Vision Statement:  To cultivate a Christ-centered educational environment with the partnership of all stakeholders, parents, students, staff, and board members.  Staff and students will boldly demonstrate a personal relationship with Christ in an academic environment characterized by fullness, rigor, and relevance in curricular and extra-curricular programs.

Vision for Students

  • Skilled and active learners capable of critical, analytical, and independent thought

  • Endowed with a great beginning which serves as the foundation for a life-long pursuit of study and learning

  • Filled with joy, wonder and enthusiasm in learning truths about the world which God has made

Vision for Parents

  • Committed to and engaged in their God-given role as those who are responsible for their children’s education;

  • Wholly committed to the unique educational approach of the integrated curriculum, confident in its effectiveness, and supportive of the teachers;

  • Providing familial nurture and care which serves as the necessary prerequisite for all learning both inside and outside the home;

  • Participating in their child’s educational experience through personal encouragement, instruction at home, and service in the classroom and larger school.

Vision for Staff

  • Revealing a clear commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord of life and a complete dependence upon the Holy Spirit as the enabler of all things

  • Demonstrate a servant’s heart and a call to teaching

  • Work competently to fulfill the tasks associated with their calling

  • Enable the children to achieve their God-given potential

Vision for Board Members

  • Revealing a clear commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord of life and a complete dependence upon the Holy Spirit as the Enabler of all things

  • Provide clear, consistent and relentless articulation in promotion of the school’s mission and the realization of its vision

  • Provide encouragement and administrative support for the daily operation of all aspects of the school

  • Provide competent leadership which will inspire and foster the school’s future growth and development.

Patrice A. Casher, Principal





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1711 Taylor Lane

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